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Salvador, Brazil

Ghana, Africa

Madagascar, Africa

Fukuoka, Japan



Leading Beyond Boundaries (LBB) has been transforming communities, classrooms and organizations around the globe since 1998. From schools in Japan to the 9th Ward during Katrina to Liberdade in Brazil, Leading Beyond Boundaries has been a collaborative agent and partner implementing change and designing creative solutions. 


LBB values the importance of global partnerships and cooperation. We 

purposely collaborate with local agencies to determine the focus, location and size of projects as they have insight into local community interests, health, safety and the potential for successful outcomes. These alliances are critical to the creation, success and sustainability of our programs.

Due to these strategic partnerships we are able to provide our global partners with hands-on support. Our multiple teams are comprised of students, teachers, educators and youth ambassadors who travel abroad with the intent and purpose to work in conjunction with their international peers to design and implement innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges. 


Through consistent effort and action LBB is igniting change across the globe. 


"Little by little, a little becomes a lot." Tanzania Proverb


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