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This program is for educators who recognize the importance of teaching and leading beyond borders and boundaries. 


We focus on creating equitable platforms for education professionals to share inclusive, innovative, student-centered practice. We achieve this through our training & development projects where educational leaders partner and collaborate side by side to gather, synthesize and disseminate the best collective practices, material and wisdom that promotes critical thinking and innovative solution regarding social and environmental justice. 



Thank you for stopping by! Just by clicking on "Volunteer Opportunities" you are already proving the power of humanity and the importance of our quest to inspire transform lives of women, children, youth and communities around the globe.  Here you have the opportunity to implement essential programs either as an individual, with a group of friends, with your school or college or as a community-wide effort.

With flexible options based on your time and availability, you choose your level of engagement, a cause that is important to you, and the type of program you'd like to implement. As part Leading Beyond Boundaries Community, we provide the tools and program resources, while you just bring your great attitude and motivation to make a difference in someone else's life.

We hope you will join us in leading and learning beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. 



Leading Beyond Boundaries recognizes the power and gift in student leadership. LBB offers comprehensive training and support providing students the opportunity to develop a global perspective and gain the leadership skills necessary to become activist and leaders in their community. 


Leading Beyond Boundaries' Student Ambassadors study community development, civic engagement, and leadership theories and practice through a four-week training. During their International Training, participants learn about and engage with US, South American and African history and culture through host family stays, service work with US, South American and African peers, and visit cultural and historic sites. The International Training provides Student Ambassadors with hands on experience in the design and implementation of Community-Based Initiative (CBI). After returning home from the International Training, each participant carries out a CBI in his/her home community.







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